WATER PROOF Wet Suit W7 5mm


The W7 is from the Swedish company Waterproof with zipper on the back. It features 3D anatomical design, a different pattern for men and women ensuring a comfortable fit.

100% MICROCELL CR NEOPRENE - Neoprene Extremely durable, 3D KNEEPADS - '' Hinge Effect '' Three-dimensional knee joints that allow unlimited foot movements in the water. Pre-bent arms and legs for maximum anatomical fit. The embossed seat on the back of the uniform provides non-slip built-in friction protection. All the zippers are in the Vislon top class from YKK. Fit has ToughTex panels on elbows and knees, HiQ Nylon thread and 100% CR neoprene

360,00 € 400,00 €