"Blue" Diving Center

Learn To Dive...

   Our diving center offer underwater training-lessons for all levels of Scuba Diving. You can do your first underwater contact in diving with us or you can start immediately with the programs-schools of SSI organization and enlarge your knowledge's in Scuba Diving. Our program gives the opportunity to start your diving "career" with the Sciba Rangers (starting age 8 years old) or the Try Scuba Diving (starting age 10 years old).The programs include theoretical lesson about 30 minutes and then immediately practical lesson in Scuba Diving. Our experienced instructors, will accompany you constantly, they will tour you in the fantastic underwater world. In the end, the participants they will take diploma of the program which they follow. This experience will stay for ever in your mind and your memory.

   Having done these first steps in scuba diving, you can continue your way, and get your first diving certificate with the Scuba Diver Course (minimum time 3 days) or the Open Water Course (minimum time 4 days). 

   The program include theory and practical lesson. Get all the skills, theory and underwater practice which makes you an experienced diver. In the end of the course you will have the certificate of SSI, the most popular diving certificate, which you can use it all over the world (more than 150 countries).

    For the divers who are already certified, we offer amazing daily program with unforgettable dives in different places every time. Also we organize motor boats excursions, with or without diving, so you can feel the adventure of boat trip and scuba diving. You will discover one of the nicest places in Northern Greece.

   You also have the chance to continue your course and become an Adventure Diver (minimum time 2 days) or an Advanced Adventure Diver (minimum time 3 days). These certifications bring you further into the theme of scuba diving, with Adventure dives and specialties dives like, Night Diving, EANx (NITROX) or Deep Dive and many others. 

   We also give you the opportunity to get the Dive Stress & Rescue certification and the React Right program, which learn you primary and secondary care on first aids. Also you can continue and find your way to the professional line of diving, by becoming a Dive Guide - Dive Master or even a Scuba Diving Instructor...!!!

   Don't wait more, don't let this unique experience pass by.