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History of Diving

  • The idea of the first underwater breathing apparatus, an inverted pot over the head of the diver to hold the air, belongs to Aristotle.
  • Thucydides also refers that divers make dams to the underwater saws of Syracuse's. Arian recounts that Alexander the Great use divers in the siege of Tyre.
  • Famous Medieval engineers, such as Leonardo da Vinci developed, built and installed mechanisms which help divers to stay longer underwater, basically at building and during wars.
  • The first construction respirator comes from Roger Bacon in 1240.
  • The considerable contribution to understanding the behaviour of human in the conditions of an elevated pressure was brought by Englishman Robert Boyle which in 1660 studied physical properties of compressed air. The Boyle's Law describes effect of changing the volume from pressure and density of gas which is crucial for diving physiology.
  • Mathematician Scott originally published the first description related to diving in 1664 and it was a bell.
  • In 1669 Sinclair published engineering drawings of the underwater machine, which has been used in 1588 and1665 in search the treasures of shipwreck.
  • Hailey and Schmidt have improved a design of the "bell" and became the first who has applied it in various underwater activities.
  • In 1680 the Italian Medieval scientist - the versatile person, physics and mathematician Giovanni Borelli originally has considered the possibility and has been inspired by creation of the respiratory device and other equipment for underwater researches. But all remained only in theory.
  • In 1840, the Roukairol Benoit (Benoit Rouquayrol) and Ogkist Ntenerouz (Auguste Denayrouze) improved the primitive diving of Augusto Siempe (Augustus Siebe).
  • In 1878 presented the first device of closed circuit.
  • In 1920 the chief officer of the French Navy, Korly has invented swimming fins. This important invention has allowed a diver to accelerate movement under the water.
  • The invention and improvement the pressure regulator by Jacque Cousteau and Ganjan have radically changed a scene. Thanks to such a people as Dim, Hans Hass, etc. fast development of technologies of diving has led to the great successes in a conquest of the depths.