The RS1001 is also available on INT upon request. Compact and lightweight R1000 first stage breathing regulator which is compact and lightweight. It has 4 low pressure ports and two high pressure ports.

First stage (R1000), Balanced first stage diaphragm, Cold water insulation system, Two H.P. doors and four doors L.P. (2 standard / 2 high flows), The doors of L.P. high flow offer 15% increase in air flow, DIN version available as RS1001 DIN (300bar / 4350psi)

The second stage S0001 has a venturi adjusting lever for smooth air supply with every breath. The S0001 is also equipped with a mouthpiece designed to increase comfort and reduce jaw fatigue.

Second stage (S0001), Lightweight, compact casing, Left or Right Side Configuration, Venturi flow system, Properly designed mouthpiece

300,00 € 350,00 €