OMS Deep Ocean Wing 45lbs

The OMS Deep Ocean Wing is crafted in a classic horseshoe style with a bungee system. It has a single inflator unit with the corrugated hose connected to a fixed elbow mounted in the front left upper position. On the left front lower and upper right side there are two pressure relief valves. The outer bladder is made of a 1,000 denier nylon outer material and a TPU laminated inner coating to prevent holes, tears or damage from salt water or chlorine. The inner bladder is made of polyurethane and its seams are ultrasonically welded. The eyelets are reinforced with a second ring of material to avoid possible weak points due to wear. It is designed for double or single bottle use and is offered in 3 buoyancy capacities, 45lbs (20kg), 60lbs (27kg) or 94lbs (42kg) and multiple colors. There is also the chemical resistant version.

Lift capacity: 45 lbs ~ 20 kg

Color: Black

Material: Cordura

570,00 €