Safety Rules

Before each dive always check your equipment. 

Organize the plan of the dive (in water- out water- depth-time permits). 

If we make 2 dives in one day we always start from the deepest dive. 

The free diving and scuba diving must always be carried out by groups of two or more people. 

24 hours before dive avoid drinking alcohol, don’t staying awake too long or participating in strenuous physical activities. 

If you have problems with your health, or taking any medication, ask your doctor if you can dive or not. 

During the dive, equate often the airway spaces 

Stay in the allotted time for each depth. Never pass the limits 

In cases of fatigue and breathlessness try keeps control your breathing, taking deep breaths 

We always have a proactive decompression stop in 5m/5min 

Before the ascent notify your partner, make sure that understand your intention and start ascent to surface with him. 

The speed of ascent is less than18m/min

During the ascent do not hold your breath, try to breath slowly and normally

Maximum 3 dives per day. 

18 hours after scuba diving avoid repetitive and do not travel by plane.